Our new season starts this week on 20th Sept.

We have  a packed programme of two presentations (three if you count the introduction): a beginners’ item from Eliot Hall on imaging the Sun, and a main topic by Steve Hill on “Why this Universe?  Exploring the Cosmic Landscape” which explores some speculative ideas about the origin of the Universe.  You get to meet the son of a plumber and learn all about string theory.  Well maybe not all.

Since this is the first meeting of the new season, please be prepared to cough up membership dues.  We have left the rates unchanged for another year, so it is a very reasonable £10 for an individual for the year or £15 for a family.



This Friday 21st June is our AGM. Normally we try to get the formal process over and done with quickly. There are some items that you should be aware of:

1) Alan Aked is formally our treasurer, but Rosie is doing most of the day-to-day work of looking after the funds. We could do with someone stepping up to the plate and taking over the treasurer role.
2) I would like to raise the topic of membership fees, so come armed with opinions. We haven’t changed the fees for as long as I can remember and we should consider revising them even if we don’t do it in the end.
3) Ideas for getting more members would be appreciated.
4) We need a picture for the membership card for next year. I have one submission, but the more the merrier.
5) If you have any items that you would like to raise at the meeting, let us know and we can add them to the agenda.

Once the AGM is out of the way, we will to do something interesting (the meeting is billed as “member talks”, but we can be flexible):

1) We can do a Q&A session if we get some Qs, so send in any questions you have about astronomy and we will attempt to answer them (no question is too basic but there may be some that are too complicated – we will try our best!)
2) I will bring my astro-images from over the years. Feel free to bring your own and we can look and admire.
3) If you have any astro-related experiences from the past year to tell us about, we would be happy to hear, whether it be the sighting of Saturn or the discovery of a supernova.
4) I am happy to re-run my beginners’ item from last month if people are interested.
5) If you have any other suggestions let us know.

Project Alcock

First talk of 2013 is from Roger Dymock about “Project Alcock”, a comet search project for amateur astronomical societies.

Roger is a FRAS and director of the Asteroids section of the BAA. He has also written a number of books including ‘Asteroids and Dwarf Planets and How to Observe Them’

Our programme starts again this month, and what a start.

We have Damian Peach, renowned planetary imager, coming to talk to us about imaging Jupiter.

Yours truly will present something for the beginners item.

Village Day

Village Day went well despite the best efforts of the Weather.

We had several visitors to the stand and what was encouraging was that about six are seriously interested in joining the society. We did not sell anything but if just one visitor joins that will offset the cost to have a stall.

Some pictures from the day:


We plan to hold the anual BBQ on 27th or 28th July (weather will dictate) in the usual place.

This is a members (and friends and family) event only.

Bring your own food and drink.  Let John or chairman know if you would like to attend.  Some of the members usualyy bring along some scopes and/or binoculars for observing if the weather is kind.