Our next meeting Friday 19th May is all about imaging.  We will start with a show-and-tell session where you are invited to bring along kit/images/anecdotes/advice etc. to share your experiences of astronomical imaging — both good or bad.

The main talk will be on “Image Processing” by Steve Hill which will look under the hood to see what is really going on when you manipulate image data.


Our last meeting of this season will be our AGM, followed by member talks.

Pressing issues:

  • A new treasurer needed
  • Membership card image needed
  • Talks needed

If you can help with any of these, please let the chairman know!

Let us know (mail chairman at beckingtonas.org) if you are coming to the Christmas Social.  This is a fun-filled members (and family/partners) evening and will feature food, quiz, raffle, feel the sock and live music and maybe more.



Our AGM is Friday 20th June.  Mike Witt was scheduled to present his talk “Moons of the Solar System”, but unfortunately he has been taken ill and may not be recovered in time.  We will make alternative arrangements for a talk to accompany the AGM.


Many thanks to Bob Mizon for his entertaining and educational talk.  Several members requested that we make the list of ten targets for light-polluted astronomers available, so here goes:

Object Type Where Finder
NGC752 Open Cluster Andromeda Track right from the base of triangulum
Gamma Andromedae Double Star with high colour contrast Andromeda Last bright star in Andromeda moving up from Pegasus
Kemble’s Cascade

The Wristwatch and NGC1502

Asterism; star chain and includes an open cluster Camelopardus Find Perseus then extend a line Algol to Mirphak by approx 1.5 the distance
h3945 Optical (line of sight) double with high colour contrast Canis Majoris Find Sirius.  Track down to delta (Wezen).  The double is up and left from there.
Y Canum Venaticorum

La Superba


Red star Canes Venatici Approx halfway between Cor Caroli and Phad (in the Plough)

The Owl (Stick Man)

Open Cluster Cassiopeia Extend line from epsilon to delta by about half again.
R and T Coronae Borealis Variable stars Corona Borealis Star chart recommended
Sigma Draconis Star with high apparent velocity (2.3″ per year) Draco Near epsilon
Stock 4 Open Cluster Perseus Find double cluster and use a pointer — 7 degrees away on same declination
NGC7331 Sc Spiral Galaxy with off-centre nucleus Pegasus Consult a star chart